TRAITEUROPA Traiteur Corporatif
 TRAITEUROPATraiteur Corporatif

Cocktail Menu

(24 pieces per order)



Melon and prosciutto skewer   $48


Parisian ham and grilled asparagus   $36


Smoked sausage and caramelized apple bites   $47


Chicken satay with roasted peppers and spicy plum sauce   $47


Ham and prosciutto pizza   $48


Cherry tomato and bocconcini cheese skewer   $36


Grape, gouda cheese and arugula skewer   $36


Goat cheese, spinach, portobello mushroom melt   $48


Crab delight on endive   $48


Spicy tuna profiterole   $48


Spicy shrimp with avocado mousse   $48


Cucumber, smoked salmon, cream cheese and caper bites   $47


Aged cheddar, mushrom melt   $36


Beef tartar on rye crostini   $54


Beef with wasabi mascarpone   $54


Sesame chicken satay with peanut sauce   $48


Pear, prosciutto, parmesan melt   $47


Boursin, roasted peppers and chorizo tapas   $47




    Prices subject t0 change without notice. Taxes, service and delivery not included.

Plastic cutlery, napkins and plates included upon request.

Livraisons dès 6H00!!

Deliveries starting at 6AM!!