TRAITEUROPA Traiteur Corporatif
 TRAITEUROPATraiteur Corporatif

Individual Boxes

(Minimum 8 people)




Garden vegetables with homemade dip (yogurt, sundried tomatoes, basil)

Artisanal sandwiches (4 choices)

Side salads (2 choices)







Garden vegetables with homemade dip (yogurt, sundried tomatoes, basil)

Cheddar cheese and grapes skewer

Artisanal sandwiches (4 choices)


Wraps (2 choices)

Side salads (2 choices)







Grilled vegetable skewer with a balsamic sauce

Fine cheeses with grapes 

Mini sandwiches (2 choices)

Side salads (2 choices)

Mini french pastrie






Apricot porc filet


Orange glazed salmon


Marbella chicken

Seasonal green salad

Side salads (2 choices)

Dinner roll with butter

Mini french pastries (2)






  • Steak, mushrooms and roasted peppers sub
  • Steak, spinach, goat cheese, roasted red peppers mayo 
  • Parisian ham with swiss cheese, green apple,and dijon mayo
  • Roast beef with roasted beets, cucumbers, cream cheese and horseradish mayo
  • Smoked turkey breast with brie cheese and cranberry chutney  
  • Tandori style chicken with cucumbers, mango, greek yogurt
  • Poached chicken breast with apple, avocado, mint and lime salsa


Vegetarian options

  • Grilled halloumi cheese, tomatoes and spinach tapenade
  • Toffu spread, carrots, and capres
  • Portobello mushrooms, grilled peppers and provolone cheese melt  
  • Aspargus, tomato and swiss cheese on flat bread  
  • Grilled vegetables and fresh mozzarella cheese
  • Sweet potato steak, avocado, onions and cranberry jam



  • Grilled chicken, bacon, spinach and dijon mayo 
  • Chicken salad, tomato basil bruschetta and spinach
  • Indian style tuna with mongo, coconut and yogurt, coconut and curry sauce
  • Spicy tuna,black olives, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes
  • Egg salad, smoked salmon and capers  
  • Pollock salad, arugula and tomato
  • Pulled pork with mango, cranberry salsa



Mini sandwiches

  • Campagnard paté with marinated peaches
  • Chicken breast with grilled peppers, provolone cheese and sun-dried tomato mayo
  • Smoked salmon with avocado and capers - cream cheese spread
  • Vegan paté with pistachio
  • Chorizo salami and braised kale





    Prices subject t0 change without notice. Taxes, service and delivery not included.

Plastic cutlery, napkins and plates included upon request.

Livraisons dès 6H00!!

Deliveries starting at 6AM!!